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About this designer: My cat designs are fun for cat lovers. I have two Bengal Cats and One Savannah cat with lovely spots. They make great subjects for photos and graphics and fun designs. I also have a few graphic designs I have created and I am looking forward to making and sharing more. I enjoy taking photos outside from flowers in my yard to beautiful plants, landscapes and animals at places I visit. I currently have shops at Zazzle, CafePress and Inktastic.

Custom Car Mats

Cute Custom Car Mats

I’m excited about the new custom car mats that you can buy to spiffy up your car and make it look so cute.

I designed this mat with the darling black silhouette cats and a lovely Monarch butterfly. The background is gray. I created my car mat so that if you click on the customize and edit buttons, there is a selection to change the background color. So if you don’t like a gray background, you can pick whatever color you want. There are many available.

Another option is to add some customizable personal text to your mats. Zazzle makes adding custom text easy. These would make a cool gift for someone you know that could use some new mats.


There are cute custom car mats to fit every style.  Here is a nice variety of mats that don’t have cats and many are customizable. You can add your Initial to the monogram style car mat. I hope you find the perfect mat you are looking for.

Girly Cute Sleepy Owl Car MatGirly Cute Sleepy Owl Car Mat

Leopard Print and Turquoise Custom Monogram Floor MatLeopard Print and Turquoise Custom Monogram Floor Mat

Whimsical Patterned Owl Car Mats Full Set Floor MatWhimsical Patterned Owl Car Mats Full Set Floor Mat

Personalized name pink dog paw prints floor matPersonalized name pink dog paw prints floor mat

Girly Elegant Vintage Floral Personalized Car MatGirly Elegant Vintage Floral Personalized Car Mat

Cute trendy girly vibrant floral pattern car matCute trendy girly vibrant floral pattern car mat

Cute Pink Dolphins Abstract Watercolor Polka Dots Car MatCute Pink Dolphins Abstract Watercolor Polka Dots Car Mat

Cute trendy girly soft colours floral pattern car matCute trendy girly soft colours floral pattern car mat

Where My Heart Lives

I wanted to create a happy design, something that is completely me and carefree. What do I see that makes me feel happy and smile? One of the 1st things I thought of was a beautiful spring day with bright blue sky and little puffy clouds. Another thing that makes me happy is the sight of a big beautiful rainbow in the sky, so in my minds eye, there was the beginning of a little design forming. Now some people just hate pastels, but I love pastel tones, they make me feel happy and girlie. I also love hearts, hearts of every shape and size and pastel hearts I love better than red hearts.

I thought of my design for a couple of weeks and then I decided to sign up to Society6.  Society6 is a small POD company compared to places like Zazzle and CafePress and have a limited number of products.  I added a tropical fish design and then I added my happy design I had been working on for a few days.

Where My Heart Lives At Society6 By FlaminCatDesigns
A fun scene with puffy white clouds, a blue sky fading to light, a lovely rainbow, big golden heart and pink hearts.


I think my cute little design also makes an adorable throw pillow. Now at Society6 you have a choice of just buying a pillow cover or a cover with the pillow insert!

Where My Heart Lives at Society6
Where My Heart Lives Pillow


You can also get this fun scene on a phone case, they sell iPhone cases, an iPod Touch case and Samsung Galaxy S4 case.

Where My Heart Lives cases
An iPhone 5 case with design – Where My Heart Lives

I hope you stop by and see all my designs at Society6, I have added a few other designs. You can also buy T-Shirts and hoodies, tote bags, iPad cases, stretched canvas and cards there. Here is my main shop link for visiting FlaminCatDesigns on Society6 Shop.

Train Your Cat Lady At An Early Age

Is there a sweet baby girl in your family that just loves kitties?

Well maybe she is so little she doesn’t know she loves kitties yet. Here is a fun way to get her started to a lifetime of purry love and start your sweet girl on her way to be a modern cat lady when she grows up.

Teach your child how much fun it is to love and care for a wonderful cat or kitten. The bond with a pet is a wonderful gift to give to a child. Now your baby needs some fashion to show her new found love of kitty cats.

This adorable little infant creeper has multi-colored cat paws and customizable text that currently reads: Future Cat Lady.

The design can be customized to delete some of these paw prints if there are too many for you and you can change the text to say whatever you want.

Along with those great customizing choices, you can also select this on a T-shirt for any age or another baby style.

Now this shirt is very similar to the previous style, you can change out the paw prints and text, but this also has 2 paw prints on the back of the design.
A sweet I Love Kitties design with customizable text, paws on the front and back too.
This design is also available with purple paws
and also with pink paws.
All the fashions can be purchased on any of the styles available in the shop including childrens, womens, junior and mens.

Fun With Fractals

A fractal design is a geometric pattern that is generated with a digital graphics program. By changing the mathematical equations, the image on the screen changes to sometimes odd and many times beautiful patterns.

I am really enjoying creating these designs and they are fun to see how they look on phone cases, iPad cases, bags and more. Learning new designs styles is a lot of fun and can be challenging too.

Here is an example of a fractal design that appears to have a few pink flowers and the pattern almost looks like it has sections with lace on it.

Now you can see that the same design on a pillow looks similar but at the same time, very different from how it looks on an iPod case.

I was thrilled with this fractal design. I think this one looks antique and feminine. I has a pretty green background with little pink flowers and areas of the design that glows. It is an enchanting and beautiful pattern.

This colorful fractal design has a mystical feel and has several interesting shapes in it. I think that looking at a fractal design and seeing shapes is similar to seeing shapes in the clouds of the sky. What I see in this designs are wings at the top section, a heart near the center and a butterfly near the bottom.

What do you see?

Lucky Irish March

When March comes around I think of St. Patrick’s Day and lots of green.  Four leaf clovers and shamrocks on everything.  I like how green also is a great spring color. I love when  winter starts to leave us and green sprouts start growing on everything. It’s a fun time of the year for new beginnings and getting pinched if you don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.

I have a few Irish designs to share today. I hope you enjoy them and forgive me for calling a four leaf clover a shamrock, technically shamrocks only have 3 leaves.

Here is a fun sticker that you could put on a shirt if you don’t like to wear green clothing, or share the stickers at work or school with your friends.

How about some Irish cream in your coffee?

This same pattern makes a cute shirt to wear. No one would dare to pinch you on St. Patrick’s Day wearing this shirt.

March is a popular time for Irish weddings. Here is a fun shirt to wear to a bridal shower or rehearsal. There is a whole series of these shirts for the wedding party available.

And a fun little hat to go with it.

Be sure to get a sweet gift for the bride and grooms new home.

Here is a hat for the groom, he gets a single clover not a bouquet and there is a matching shirt.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all, may your day be filled with good luck.

Missing You Card And Postage

I shared a photo of my cat the other day on Facebook and a couple of people said the photo would make an awesome card. I was just having fun showing off my cute cat and hadn’t even thought of using this photo for a card.

Well I decided, the people have spoken, I should make this card.

Simba my cat was in the window between the blinds, his little mouth looks like a sweet soft smile.
If you click on the image or link above you can see the whole card. There is a little heart on the back with another photo of my cat, this time his eye is closed.
I also made the text on the front and on the inside customizable. You can change it from “Missing you” to your own personal message and change the message inside too.
And of course, I had to make a matching postage stamp to go with it.

CafePress Is Donating To Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Something exciting is happening at CafePress this month. They are donating 10% from the sales of products designed and tagged for Breast Cancer Awareness to BreastCancer dot org.

I really got excited with this news because not only did I enjoy making the designs, my designs have a chance of being sold to help a wonderful cause. It seems everyone today knows a family member or friend who has been effected by breast cancer.

Here are some samples from my designs, I hope you enjoy.

A pretty pink ribbon filled with pink hearts.

Support Breast Cancer Awareness with this pretty pink ribbon filled with different tones of pink hearts.

A cool canvas lunch bag with a message.

A stylish pink ribbon and pretty text: Support Breast Cancer Research, Find A Cure.
Take this lunch bag with you to work everyday and spread the message for a worthy cause.

Cute umbrella made with pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness.

A feminine design of a cute little umbrella made with various pink ribbons. There is text surrounding the umbrella: Breast Cancer Awareness, Community, Caring, Hope, Love.

Pink Ribbon with Tougher Than Cancer

One must stay tough when fighting cancer. This tough design features bold pink text and a bright pink ribbon simulating a shiny metal. Text reads: Tougher Than Cancer, Support Breast Cancer Research.

Text collage design for Breast Cancer Awareness

A fun text collage design with pink heart ribbons. A great way to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness, not just in October but all year round.

These designs are available on many products. There are also many other wonderful breast cancer awareness designs on CafePress.

Click on the CafePress image to see the whole collection:

Breast cancer gifts collection at CafePress.

Something Fun At CafePress

One of my favorite things on CafePress is  the designs from Fan Portals. These are sections of designs submitted by artists that meet specific rules and criteria to be sold in the official Fan Portals of TV shows, Movies, and other famous brands. (There is also a mix of official Famous Brands items that are not designed by fans on CafePress too.)

If you have a TV junkie at home, or you are a movie buff that loves to share fun quotes from movies and T-shirts and other items, then it will be worth your while to check this out.

To see all that is available, you can visit here: Hot Enterntainment Brands At CafePress

I want to share with you a couple of my products that I have available now in the CafePress Fan Portals directly from my shop.

Here is a T-shirt from my Dark Shadows designs. I have several different style designs in my shop. I mixed the old fashioned text with a modern abstract design.

One of the funniest Christmas movies ever, is A Christmas Story.

The leg lamp is just one of the best things ever!

My brand new releases are ready for your holiday shopping.

I hope you take a little time to browse through my shop.

Thank you and happy shopping!

The Biggest Fan Shop, a new shop growing with great entertainment based designs for gifts or yourself.

Affordable Custom Halloween Invitations

What is really great about buying from a POD company is the customization at a reasonable price.

Don’t buy those invitations that are pre-printed, buy some that you print up with your own party information.

Most invitations have custom text fields where you can put your name, address and party info. Your friends will really be impressed with these fun Halloween invitations. There are tons to choose from too!

Please take a look at these samples below. If you click on them, they will take you to Zazzle and you can browse other invitations and products too.


If you don’t find what you want, many designers will make a special design for you. Just leave us a comment and we can work on a design for you.

Happy Halloween everyone!