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One of my favorite things on CafePress is  the designs from Fan Portals. These are sections of designs submitted by artists that meet specific rules and criteria to be sold in the official Fan Portals of TV shows, Movies, and other famous brands. (There is also a mix of official Famous Brands items that are not designed by fans on CafePress too.)

If you have a TV junkie at home, or you are a movie buff that loves to share fun quotes from movies and T-shirts and other items, then it will be worth your while to check this out.

To see all that is available, you can visit here: Hot Enterntainment Brands At CafePress

I want to share with you a couple of my products that I have available now in the CafePress Fan Portals directly from my shop.

Here is a T-shirt from my Dark Shadows designs. I have several different style designs in my shop. I mixed the old fashioned text with a modern abstract design.

One of the funniest Christmas movies ever, is A Christmas Story.

The leg lamp is just one of the best things ever!

My brand new releases are ready for your holiday shopping.

I hope you take a little time to browse through my shop.

Thank you and happy shopping!

The Biggest Fan Shop, a new shop growing with great entertainment based designs for gifts or yourself.

Yes, I’m Italian. What the heck is ‘calm’?

Funny design shows Flag of Italy or Italian Flag and reads, “Yes, I’m Italian. What the heck is ‘calm’?”

Available from several print-on-demand places, here is one design available at and it look like this:

Moving to CafePress and the shop located at, we find the same image in white lettering on a fun dark blue b-b-q apron.

Moving along to, and the shop located at, we find a bright green safety shirt with the “Italian Calm” image.

Saftey Shirt with Italian Calm image in Grey letters

Next we have a red toddler tee with the same design. Of course your Italian toddler is uncalm! What ELSE would he or she be! Visit the entire shop at Lovely and fun design seen here below on image of the toddler tee itself. Click on it to see all the information.

Image of red Toddler tee with 'Italian Calm' design.

That’s all for now folks. Just another design from Flagnation or Flags-of-nations, specializing in designs with an ethic theme, using flags of various countries, sometimes with humor (humour of you speak British), but always intended to be respectful.

Austrian Stuff!

Austria is the country of the waltz and the Danube River, amoung other things. And today we will visit several designs in at several PODs used in my “flagnation” shops.

The first is found at

This humorous design is intended for Americans of Austrian ancestry and reads, “Assembled in the USA using Austrian parts”. It shows the flags of both the United States and Austria. Great fun for any patriotic holiday, both in America and Austria.

The second features a futball or soccer ball in the shape of the Austrian Flag, and has the word “AUSTRIA” above in German, to read,”OSTERREICH”. This is available at

Our third Austrian Flag design reads, “I left my heart in Austria” and would be perfect for a traveler, a cultural devotee, or a person of Austrian ancestry. Here is shows on a long-sleeved raglan for ladies from

Our last image is a simple Austrian flag with the word “AUSTRIA” below in the colors of the flag. A fun design for any traveler, descendant or cultural devotee. It is available at

That’s all for now, folks!

Affordable Custom Halloween Invitations

What is really great about buying from a POD company is the customization at a reasonable price.

Don’t buy those invitations that are pre-printed, buy some that you print up with your own party information.

Most invitations have custom text fields where you can put your name, address and party info. Your friends will really be impressed with these fun Halloween invitations. There are tons to choose from too!

Please take a look at these samples below. If you click on them, they will take you to Zazzle and you can browse other invitations and products too.


If you don’t find what you want, many designers will make a special design for you. Just leave us a comment and we can work on a design for you.

Happy Halloween everyone!

POD Designers Guild

In the coming months and years, the POD Designers Guild hopes to bring you an easy way to connect with a large number of print-on-demand artists.

Print-on-demand is the simple process whereby a company allows a designer to sell their work on a variety of products for profit.

In the past, if an artist wanted to sell their work on T-shirts, note cards, or whatever, they had to invest thousands of dollars in blank products, get them printed and store them until they sold. With print-on-demand, the designer only needs to open an account, upload their artwork, and choose which products to sell, after they design the look and feel of their online shop. All PODs work this way, but they are all different, too.

Each POD will have different criteria for different things. For example, some will want the design one size, another POD will want it slightly larger or smaller. Some PODs require that you manually size everything to fit each product, others have fancy-schmancy computer stuff to do it. Designers just follow the rules for the ones they use.

Because PODs have different products, it can, often, be difficult for a buyer to find the item they really want. The POD Designers Guild will endeavor to help you find the right POD for your particular need of the moment, as well as help you find the right design, and/or designer for a ready made or custom made artwork.

Example?  Your niece has a baby girl and you want something lovely  and unique. The largest selection of baby clothes is at, and again, in browsing our designers you find the perfect gift for your newst family member.

A few months later, your daughter’s birthday is just around the corner. She loves athletics and you’ve put together a few trinkets of memories and you’d love to have a box for them to give her. Few PODs carry those, but does and by browsing our artists you find the design and product that is just perfect.

And, lastly, from CafePress, you find this:

Many of our designers can and will create specific for you as well. Check all our members out!

The POD Designers Guild is brand new. As we grow in membership and following, we endeavor to help buyers find the right product for the right occasion, as well as the right design.

Print-on-demand artists united to decorate your world.

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