About PODs

POD is short for “print-on-demand”. Print-on-demand is the simple process whereby a company allows a designer to sell their work on a variety of products for profit. PODs make it easier for you to purchase unique artwork and designs on a variety of items. The POD Designers Guild hopes to bring you a simple way to connect with a large number of print-on-demand artists.

In the past, if an artist wanted to sell their work on T-shirts, note cards, or whatever, they had to invest thousands of dollars in blank products, get them printed and store them until they sold. With print-on-demand, the designer only needs to open an account, upload their artwork, and choose which products to sell, after they design the look and feel of their online shop. All PODs work this way, but they are all different, too.

Each POD will have different criteria for different things. For example, some will want the design one size, another POD will want it slightly larger or smaller. Some PODs require that you manually size everything to fit each product, others have fancy-schmancy computer stuff to do it. Designers just follow the rules for the ones they use.

Because PODs have different products, it can, often, be difficult for a buyer to find the item they really want. The POD Designers Guild will endeavor to help you find the right POD for your particular need of the moment, as well as help you find the right design, and/or designer for a ready made or custom made artwork.

Many of our designers can and will create specific artwork for you as well. Check all our members out!

The POD Designers Guild is brand new. As we grow in membership and following, we endeavor to help buyers find the right product for the right occasion, as well as the right design.

Most PODs offer T-shirts and tote bags. In addition, others offer hats, mugs, bumper stickers, stickers and other novelty items.

Here you will find a list of POD used by our members, with a partial list of the products they sell, and a list of members shops at that particular POD.

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