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Swedish Angel at

Today I would like to take a look at products in my Zazzle shop that have the lovely Swedish Angel all dressed in the Flag of Sweden. Perfect any time of year for your favorite Swede, even it that be your good self.

Swedish Angel Wristwatch

First up is a wristwatch. Our lovely angel flies in the center in her blue attire with the yellow Nordic Cross. She can keep you on time wherever you are.

She flies at an angle because she is a very talented angel, indeed. But you can make her fly straight by using the CUSTOMIZE IT or CUSTOMIZE feature. Just a few clicks and you have it your way.

The watch is also available in a variety of styles for men, women and children. So there is bound to be something appropriate for everyone.

Swedish Angel Kindle Case

To keep you from getting too bored on your commute, here is a case for your Kindle, so you can read. It, too, matches your bag with the lovely and charming blonde, Swedish Angel Flag design.

Swedish Angel Locket

And, to add to the loveliness, how about a sterling silver locket with a picture of the Swedish Flag Angel inside?

Swedish Angel Belt Buckle

Last, but not least, a belt buckle. It can be worn with the locket above, or by itself if you aren’t a locket kind of person.

Swedish Angel Flag Blonde Blonde Hair Oval Belt Buckle
Swedish Flag Angel Blonde Hair Oval Belt Buckle by flagnation
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That’s all for now!