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Gifts and Stuff from Flagnation or Flags-of-Nations

Everyone has a need for a gift now and then. And, with the biggest gift-giving holiday of the year coming soon, I thought we might look at some fun stuff for that season.

First we take a stroll to a keepsake ornament with a heart shaped Romanian Flag reading, “I Love Romania”. fun for any time you need a special gift for a Romanian, Romanian American, Romanian Canadian or anyone of Romanian ancestry.

Picture of heart-shaped Christmas ornament reading I love Romania.

Moving along to the Bahamas, we find a nice, lovely round keepsake ornament with the Flag of the Bahamas and the name below, in the colors (colours if you speak British) of the flag.

Image of round Christmas ornament with Flag of Bahamas and the name, too.

Moving along we find a lovely snowflake shaped keepsake with a charming blonde angel all decked out in the Flag of Sweden or Swedish Flag.

Image of snowflake shaped Christmas ornament with blonde angel waering the Flag of Sweden.

Lastly, we have a round keepsake of Greece, featuring the flag with the name below. Charming way to share your love of your ancestry, heritage and culture anytime.

Image of round keepsake or Christmas ornament with the Greek Flag and the word Greece.