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LOVE Series from Auntie Shoe

Auntie Shoe’s The LOVE Series at Red Bubble

The LOVE Series, or #TheLoveSeries, happens to be a collection of designs by Auntie Shoe (that would be me, the writer of this blog post). What all the designs have in common is the word LOVE in two lines, in a square.

Well, more or less a square. Your Auntie doesn’t measure exactness in these things.

That said, the O in the word LOVE in the series is a heart shaped flag of a particular country. Belgium, USA, Ireland, they all have their own LOVE design at various print-on-demand sites. Isn’t that cool? And, Auntie Shoe is having just a ton of fun making new stuff with this theme.

In her Red Bubble account, the designs are all the same, except for the heart shaped flag. Here is an example:

Pillow with Belgian LOVE design
Image shows a throw pillow with the Belgian LOVE design in Auntie Shoe’s Red Bubble The LOVE Series.

It is not just pillows, but many other products, too. You can get tote bags, t-shirts, phone cases, mugs and a lot more. And, there are several designs in Auntie Shoe’s Red Bubble area already. But, first, you just GOTTA see the leggings:

Australia LOVE leggings from Auntie Shoe
Image shows leggings with the Australian LOVE design in Auntie Shoe’s Red Bubble The LOVE Series.

What makes The LOVE Series at Auntie Shoe’s Red Bubble so different from others? Take a look at what they have in common. The design is white letters on a red background (they are available at RED BUBBLE, right? Get it? …Giggle…)

All the entries in Auntie Shoe’s The LOVE Series on her Red Bubble page are the same design, just the heart shaped flag changes.

“Why?” you ask.

Reasonable query it is, too. Is there a big story to this? Not really. Your virtual Auntie Shoe put a red background on one of the designs. The same design was using white letters. It all looked soooooo cool, it just seemed like a new series had found a home.

The contrast between the white and the dark red was so lovely, it just had to go on lots of stuff. Lots and lots of stuff.

Some designs are tiled on certain products. Why? Because they looked icky otherwise. Trust your Auntie Shoe on this, it was ICKY. So, the leggings, the duvet cover, studio pouches, and laptop skins are all tiled. Looks better. LOTS better.

Currently, there are eight of The LOVE Series designs on Auntie Shoe’s Red Bubble page. There will be LOTS more added in the coming weeks.

Also, look for variations of this theme at other PODs. But those will be discussed later.