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Loving Bobby Ewing

This is a new shop for me, with hardly anything in yet. But more will be coming soon. For starters, though, I created a design in honor of my favorite guy on the TV show, “Dallas”. That would be, Bobby Ewing.

I have to admit that while Mr. Ewing has aged a bit in the last 35 years or so, his hotness has only gotten better. The man still sizzles!

That said, let’s take a look at the products you can get proclaiming your feelings for the handsome, sweet and stink’n rich, Mr. Ewing.

You can see all these products and many more by visiting my shop at or clicking here.

First up, we have a lovely black 3/4 length tee to keep you warm because Bobby can’t be there to do it for you. You can buy it by clicking on the picture or here.

Image of black 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt syaing I love Bobby Ewing from

For all you “Dallas” fans, you know the whiskey is never forgotten. To make sure you always have your emergency shot, here is a flask necklace with “I LOVE BOBBY EWING” written on it. The word “love” is replaced with, you guessed it, a Texas flag heart. You were thinking maybe it should be Arizona? to purchase click here or on the picture below.
Image of a flask necklace with I love Bobby Ewing from

Third, we have a heart shaped necklace to help you share the Bobby Ewing love thing. You can have it for your very own, or for mom as a gift, by clicking on the picture underneath or here.
Heart shaped necklace with I love Bobby Ewing in the center from

Last, and you HAD to know this one was coming, a SHOWER CURTAIN! Yes, indeed, you KNOW this one just had to be. And only long-time “Dallas” fans will understand why. Buy it now by clicking here or on the picture underneath.
Shower curtain with I love Bobby Ewing on it from