Colorful Kaleidoscopes

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my stores called Waving Flames. It’s a store filled with beautiful kaleidoscopes and abstract designs. The name of the store comes from the technique I use, almost flame like (digital) brushes in a waving pattern. Some photoshop magic transfers them into a kaleidoscope.

But enough with the talk, let me show you what it’s about!


I called this kaleidoscope ‘Flaming Sun’ for obvious reasons 🙂 this picture shows the front of a business card, the back can be personalized with your name and address details (wouldn’t be very useful other wise!). I love this kaleidoscope as it has so many details and seems to give off a feeling of strength.

The kaleidoscopes are available on many products (just not on apparel for now). There is only one downside (or is it an upside?) you have to LOVE color. As most of my kaleidoscope burst with color!


While making this kaleidoscope it reminded me of those beautiful colored windows you see in churches. That’s where the name came from.

These kaleidoscope work amazingly well on postcards and greeting cards. Because they are gender neutral you don’t have to think about not wanting to send flowers to a man or something alike.


There are many kaleidoscopes and colors available. Which one is your favorite?