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I Hate Sushi!

Do you hate sushi? Do you know someone who would rather chew tin foil than consume raw fish? Here is a design for you! Great gifts can be found for your favorite sushi hater for Mother’s Day, graduation, birthday or any special time. Always good for a laugh, too.

First up, we have a candy jar, perfect for home, dorm or office. Simply says, “I HATE SUSHI” while letting people know your preferred food.

Next up, we show a charming teapot that lets everyone know just EXACTLY how you feel about raw fish for dinner.

If you prefer espresso, how about a charming cup just for that purpose? drink your favorite beverage while letting the world know they better not even THINK of asking you to go for sushi.

Just to be sure everyone gets the message, try this tie. Once you wear it, only the office idiot would ask you for sushi! Great gift for your the sushi-hating man in your life, too.

I Hate Sushi Custom Ties
I Hate Sushi Custom Ties by idonotheart
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