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Fun With Fractals

A fractal design is a geometric pattern that is generated with a digital graphics program. By changing the mathematical equations, the image on the screen changes to sometimes odd and many times beautiful patterns.

I am really enjoying creating these designs and they are fun to see how they look on phone cases, iPad cases, bags and more. Learning new designs styles is a lot of fun and can be challenging too.

Here is an example of a fractal design that appears to have a few pink flowers and the pattern almost looks like it has sections with lace on it.

Now you can see that the same design on a pillow looks similar but at the same time, very different from how it looks on an iPod case.

I was thrilled with this fractal design. I think this one looks antique and feminine. I has a pretty green background with little pink flowers and areas of the design that glows. It is an enchanting and beautiful pattern.

This colorful fractal design has a mystical feel and has several interesting shapes in it. I think that looking at a fractal design and seeing shapes is similar to seeing shapes in the clouds of the sky. What I see in this designs are wings at the top section, a heart near the center and a butterfly near the bottom.

What do you see?