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Posters of Autumn Scenes in California Wine Country

Autumn Display of Squashes on Wall of Turley Winecellars
Autumn Display of Squashes on Wall of Turley Winecellars in Templeton, California

Autumn is the most beautiful season in Templeton and Paso Robles vineyards. The vines are dressed in their brightest colors as harvest season approaches. As you drive through wine country during harvest season in the evening, you can smell the crushed grapes in the air. The wineries and vineyards are my neighbors, so I am in the vineyards during all seasons to photograph them.

I  discovered this unique scene while walking through a rural neighborhood of country estates. I suspect this is a private wineyard, but I was intriqued by the combination of colors between the vines and the trees.

One of my favorite autumn scenes is of Heart Hill at Niner Estates in Paso Robles. ┬áHeart Hill is a grove of oak trees in the shape of a heart. It’s been on Highway 46 West near Oakdale Road since I moved here 19 years ago. Several years ago Niner Estates acquired it and planted vineyards around it. During autumn the vines change color, becoming red and yellow, setting off the deep green of the oak trees in the heart. Here’s the poster I made of this:

These designs and many others are available on many products besides posters. From coasters and necklaces to plaques and teapots, you will find vineyard and grape designs to suit anyone who loves wine or the vineyards. You can find them at California Wine Country Memories and Gifts.