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Train Your Cat Lady At An Early Age

Is there a sweet baby girl in your family that just loves kitties?

Well maybe she is so little she doesn’t know she loves kitties yet. Here is a fun way to get her started to a lifetime of purry love and start your sweet girl on her way to be a modern cat lady when she grows up.

Teach your child how much fun it is to love and care for a wonderful cat or kitten. The bond with a pet is a wonderful gift to give to a child. Now your baby needs some fashion to show her new found love of kitty cats.

This adorable little infant creeper has multi-colored cat paws and customizable text that currently reads: Future Cat Lady.

The design can be customized to delete some of these paw prints if there are too many for you and you can change the text to say whatever you want.

Along with those great customizing choices, you can also select this on a T-shirt for any age or another baby style.

Now this shirt is very similar to the previous style, you can change out the paw prints and text, but this also has 2 paw prints on the back of the design.
A sweet I Love Kitties design with customizable text, paws on the front and back too.
This design is also available with purple paws
and also with pink paws.
All the fashions can be purchased on any of the styles available in the shop including childrens, womens, junior and mens.

Fun With Fractals

A fractal design is a geometric pattern that is generated with a digital graphics program. By changing the mathematical equations, the image on the screen changes to sometimes odd and many times beautiful patterns.

I am really enjoying creating these designs and they are fun to see how they look on phone cases, iPad cases, bags and more. Learning new designs styles is a lot of fun and can be challenging too.

Here is an example of a fractal design that appears to have a few pink flowers and the pattern almost looks like it has sections with lace on it.

Now you can see that the same design on a pillow looks similar but at the same time, very different from how it looks on an iPod case.

I was thrilled with this fractal design. I think this one looks antique and feminine. I has a pretty green background with little pink flowers and areas of the design that glows. It is an enchanting and beautiful pattern.

This colorful fractal design has a mystical feel and has several interesting shapes in it. I think that looking at a fractal design and seeing shapes is similar to seeing shapes in the clouds of the sky. What I see in this designs are wings at the top section, a heart near the center and a butterfly near the bottom.

What do you see?

Necklaces for Nana on Mothers Day

Everyone should remember their Nana on Mothers Day and get her something she will cherish. Today’s grandma is not the same as the last generations grandma. She still wants more than ever to be fashionable and what better way to show her you love her than with a pretty pendant with the word Nana on it in a very demure way.

Nana Abstract Black and Design Necklace
Nana Abstract Black and Design Necklace by kahmier
Check out other Nana Necklaces at

I Hate Sushi!

Do you hate sushi? Do you know someone who would rather chew tin foil than consume raw fish? Here is a design for you! Great gifts can be found for your favorite sushi hater for Mother’s Day, graduation, birthday or any special time. Always good for a laugh, too.

First up, we have a candy jar, perfect for home, dorm or office. Simply says, “I HATE SUSHI” while letting people know your preferred food.

Next up, we show a charming teapot that lets everyone know just EXACTLY how you feel about raw fish for dinner.

If you prefer espresso, how about a charming cup just for that purpose? drink your favorite beverage while letting the world know they better not even THINK of asking you to go for sushi.

Just to be sure everyone gets the message, try this tie. Once you wear it, only the office idiot would ask you for sushi! Great gift for your the sushi-hating man in your life, too.

I Hate Sushi Custom Ties
I Hate Sushi Custom Ties by idonotheart
Browse through more neckties from Zazzle.

That’s all from for now!


Swedish Angel at

Today I would like to take a look at products in my Zazzle shop that have the lovely Swedish Angel all dressed in the Flag of Sweden. Perfect any time of year for your favorite Swede, even it that be your good self.

Swedish Angel Wristwatch

First up is a wristwatch. Our lovely angel flies in the center in her blue attire with the yellow Nordic Cross. She can keep you on time wherever you are.

She flies at an angle because she is a very talented angel, indeed. But you can make her fly straight by using the CUSTOMIZE IT or CUSTOMIZE feature. Just a few clicks and you have it your way.

The watch is also available in a variety of styles for men, women and children. So there is bound to be something appropriate for everyone.

Swedish Angel Kindle Case

To keep you from getting too bored on your commute, here is a case for your Kindle, so you can read. It, too, matches your bag with the lovely and charming blonde, Swedish Angel Flag design.

Swedish Angel Locket

And, to add to the loveliness, how about a sterling silver locket with a picture of the Swedish Flag Angel inside?

Swedish Angel Belt Buckle

Last, but not least, a belt buckle. It can be worn with the locket above, or by itself if you aren’t a locket kind of person.

Swedish Angel Flag Blonde Blonde Hair Oval Belt Buckle
Swedish Flag Angel Blonde Hair Oval Belt Buckle by flagnation
Check out more Sweden Belt Buckles at Zazzle

To see everything with the Swedish angel visit the section Swedish Angel Flag at Flags of Nations

That’s all for now!


Israeli Stuff at

Today we will look at some designs created for those who love Israel, as well as those who are of Israeli ancestry. We will look at products designed for the whole family to enjoy, too.

First up, for your B-B-Q night, dress up the whole family in matching aprons with a design featuring the Israeli flag with the word or name “ISRAEL” underneath in the colors (colours) of the flag.

To purchase the adult apron, click here or on the picture below.

Picture of adult apron with Israeli flag and the word or name Israel below.

To purchase the same apron in child sizes, click on the picture below or here.

Picture of child's apron with Israeli flag and the word or name Israel below.

Next, for fun and laughter, dress the entire family in polo golf shirts showing both the flags of the USA and Israel, reading, “Assembled in the USA using Israeli parts.” Get matching ones for everyone from baby to adult!

To purchase the polo golf shirt for baby, click on the picture below or here.

Picture of Infant Polo Golf Shirt Creeper showing flag of united States and Israel reading Assembled in the USA using Israeli parts from .

To buy the toddler polo golf shirt, click here or on the picture below.

Picture of Toddler Polo Golf Shirt showing flag of united States and Israel reading Assembled in the USA using Israeli parts from .

For the grown-up version of the polo golf shirt, click on the picture below or here.

Picture of Toddler Polo Golf Shirt showing flag of united States and Israel reading Assembled in the USA using Israeli parts from .

That’s all for now.


Colombian Flag Star from

Today we will look at a single design on several products available at

Our Colombian Flag Star shines brightly on many items, but we are showing things for the mom-to-be, baby and toddler.

First up is a maternity t-shirt with the star on the center of the belly area. Let the world know you are carrying a Colombian star!

To purchase, click here, or on the picture below.

Picture of maternity tee with the Colombian flag star from

Next we show the cutest baby romper for your new little one. Don’t they look so sweet in this with the Colombian flag star design? You can buy this for your family’s newest little one by clicking on the picture below or here.

Picture of baby romper with the Colombian flag star from

Third, we spot a charmingly cute ruffled toddler dress in fuschia with the Colombian Star Flag design. Your daughter will look her best on any occasion! To purchase, click here or on the picture below.

Picture of toddler ruffled dress with the Colombian flag star from

And, lastly, for the future businessperson lounging about, we have a polo shirt with the Colombian Star.To buy it, click on the picture below, or here.

Picture of toddler polo shirt with the Colombian flag star from

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed our little fashion show.


Shamrocks for Anytime

Because St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to look at some shamrock designs. These particular ones are all available at There are many more than what is shown here. For your best comparison, they are all shown on the same item, but all the designs are available on many products.

Our first design shows the Belgian Shamrock with a flag in each leaf. One for the USA, one for Ireland and one for Belgium. Tote all your heritages wherever you go!

To purchase this, click on the picture below.

Picture of green-handled tote bag from with the Belgian Shamrock.

Next, we show the French Shamrock, so you can tote your ancestries all over town. Fun to put all the necessities for your St. Patrick’s Day, Bastille Day and Independence Day needs.

Again, to purchase, click on the lovely picture below.

Picture of green-handled tote bag from with the French Shamrock.

Third, we share the green handled tote bag showing the Norwegian Shamrock, with flags of Norway, USA and Ireland in the leaves.

To purchase, click on the picture below.

Picture of green-handled tote bag from with the Norwegian Shamrock.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, we have, in the hopes of lasting peace, the United Kingdom Shamrock, with the flags of USA, UK and Ireland in its leaves.

To purchase, please click the picture below.
Picture of green-handled tote bag from with the United Kingdom Shamrock.

That’s all for now!

Lucky Irish March

When March comes around I think of St. Patrick’s Day and lots of green.  Four leaf clovers and shamrocks on everything.  I like how green also is a great spring color. I love when  winter starts to leave us and green sprouts start growing on everything. It’s a fun time of the year for new beginnings and getting pinched if you don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.

I have a few Irish designs to share today. I hope you enjoy them and forgive me for calling a four leaf clover a shamrock, technically shamrocks only have 3 leaves.

Here is a fun sticker that you could put on a shirt if you don’t like to wear green clothing, or share the stickers at work or school with your friends.

How about some Irish cream in your coffee?

This same pattern makes a cute shirt to wear. No one would dare to pinch you on St. Patrick’s Day wearing this shirt.

March is a popular time for Irish weddings. Here is a fun shirt to wear to a bridal shower or rehearsal. There is a whole series of these shirts for the wedding party available.

And a fun little hat to go with it.

Be sure to get a sweet gift for the bride and grooms new home.

Here is a hat for the groom, he gets a single clover not a bouquet and there is a matching shirt.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all, may your day be filled with good luck.