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Stylized Doodle Flowers

While listening to someone rambling on the other end of the phone line, about something not that interesting, you reach for your pen and you start doodling on a corner of the newspaper. After the phone conversation you smile at your scribbles and toss the paper out.

Pink flower pot – button

The illustrations shown below started that way. Well somewhat. For starters I didn’t throw my doodles out! And they started as deliberate drawings, but in a doodle way. Let the mind go free and draw (doodle) whatever the hand wants to draw. Fluent strokes, only happy mistakes. These illustrations were stylized afterwards in a graphics program to make them smooth and lovely.

Blue Flower Swirl – wooden wall clock

The wonderful thing about doodling/ freeing you mind is that you don’t have to think about something being realistic. Like in the illustration above, no roots! It would just be a free floating flower. But it looks pretty!

Pink flower Doodle on a Sigg water bottle
Stylized Flower – mug

I add some funky colors to make the illustration really pop! Or a nice colored background for some extra class. I love making these and I love sharing these with you as well.

Rose Flower – shower curtain

CafePress Is Donating To Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Something exciting is happening at CafePress this month. They are donating 10% from the sales of products designed and tagged for Breast Cancer Awareness to BreastCancer dot org.

I really got excited with this news because not only did I enjoy making the designs, my designs have a chance of being sold to help a wonderful cause. It seems everyone today knows a family member or friend who has been effected by breast cancer.

Here are some samples from my designs, I hope you enjoy.

A pretty pink ribbon filled with pink hearts.

Support Breast Cancer Awareness with this pretty pink ribbon filled with different tones of pink hearts.

A cool canvas lunch bag with a message.

A stylish pink ribbon and pretty text: Support Breast Cancer Research, Find A Cure.
Take this lunch bag with you to work everyday and spread the message for a worthy cause.

Cute umbrella made with pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness.

A feminine design of a cute little umbrella made with various pink ribbons. There is text surrounding the umbrella: Breast Cancer Awareness, Community, Caring, Hope, Love.

Pink Ribbon with Tougher Than Cancer

One must stay tough when fighting cancer. This tough design features bold pink text and a bright pink ribbon simulating a shiny metal. Text reads: Tougher Than Cancer, Support Breast Cancer Research.

Text collage design for Breast Cancer Awareness

A fun text collage design with pink heart ribbons. A great way to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness, not just in October but all year round.

These designs are available on many products. There are also many other wonderful breast cancer awareness designs on CafePress.

Click on the CafePress image to see the whole collection:

Breast cancer gifts collection at CafePress.

Something Fun At CafePress

One of my favorite things on CafePress isĀ  the designs from Fan Portals. These are sections of designs submitted by artists that meet specific rules and criteria to be sold in the official Fan Portals of TV shows, Movies, and other famous brands. (There is also a mix of official Famous Brands items that are not designed by fans on CafePress too.)

If you have a TV junkie at home, or you are a movie buff that loves to share fun quotes from movies and T-shirts and other items, then it will be worth your while to check this out.

To see all that is available, you can visit here: Hot Enterntainment Brands At CafePress

I want to share with you a couple of my products that I have available now in the CafePress Fan Portals directly from my shop.

Here is a T-shirt from my Dark Shadows designs. I have several different style designs in my shop. I mixed the old fashioned text with a modern abstract design.

One of the funniest Christmas movies ever, is A Christmas Story.

The leg lamp is just one of the best things ever!

My brand new releases are ready for your holiday shopping.

I hope you take a little time to browse through my shop.

Thank you and happy shopping!

The Biggest Fan Shop, a new shop growing with great entertainment based designs for gifts or yourself.