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I love you

I love you, 3 wonderful sweet words that can make a day.

More often then not we assume that people we care about know that. That it will show in our actions. But saying those words out loud, hearing those words said to you they are a little gift themselves. It doesn’t matter if it comes from your partner, your kids, best friends or your talking dog. It’s wonderful to feel loved and to share the love.

Want to make sure that the person you love will never forget that? Give them a lovely gift so that they can be reminded of your love every day. Be even more fancy and say “I love you” in a foreign language!

I love you in Spanish
I love you – Spanish
I love you
I love you
I love you in Danish
I love you – Danish

Greeting cards with the words “I love you” written out in letter shaped balloons in various languages.

I love you in Swahili
I love you in Dutch

Wake up in the morning and get some love from your coffee mug!

Stylized Doodle Flowers

While listening to someone rambling on the other end of the phone line, about something not that interesting, you reach for your pen and you start doodling on a corner of the newspaper. After the phone conversation you smile at your scribbles and toss the paper out.

Pink flower pot – button

The illustrations shown below started that way. Well somewhat. For starters I didn’t throw my doodles out! And they started as deliberate drawings, but in a doodle way. Let the mind go free and draw (doodle) whatever the hand wants to draw. Fluent strokes, only happy mistakes. These illustrations were stylized afterwards in a graphics program to make them smooth and lovely.

Blue Flower Swirl – wooden wall clock

The wonderful thing about doodling/ freeing you mind is that you don’t have to think about something being realistic. Like in the illustration above, no roots! It would just be a free floating flower. But it looks pretty!

Pink flower Doodle on a Sigg water bottle
Stylized Flower – mug

I add some funky colors to make the illustration really pop! Or a nice colored background for some extra class. I love making these and I love sharing these with you as well.

Rose Flower – shower curtain