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I love you

I love you, 3 wonderful sweet words that can make a day.

More often then not we assume that people we care about know that. That it will show in our actions. But saying those words out loud, hearing those words said to you they are a little gift themselves. It doesn’t matter if it comes from your partner, your kids, best friends or your talking dog. It’s wonderful to feel loved and to share the love.

Want to make sure that the person you love will never forget that? Give them a lovely gift so that they can be reminded of your love every day. Be even more fancy and say “I love you” in a foreign language!

I love you in Spanish
I love you – Spanish
I love you
I love you
I love you in Danish
I love you – Danish

Greeting cards with the words “I love you” written out in letter shaped balloons in various languages.

I love you in Swahili
I love you in Dutch

Wake up in the morning and get some love from your coffee mug!

Photo Frames

One of the great things about Print on Demand sites is that quite often you can customize products with your own text, whether it be your name, a message or a poem you can make it your own. Another great way to personalize a product to make it the perfect gift for a loved one or for yourself is by choosing a product that is a photo template. With these products you can change the photo to one of your own!

you make me smile
you make me smile
pink picture frame
Pink Photoframe
teal picture frame
photoframe on card

The row of pictures above shows 3 beautiful products that all have the option to change to photo with one of your own. On the left is a collage style design with the text ‘you make me smile’. The use of color and patterns makes this a playful and fun design. The two on the right show fun almost cartoon like designs with a more traditional idea of a photo frame.

The 3 pictures below are inspired by doily and lace patterns, the frames are placed on fun colored plaid patterns.

lace and plaid
Lace & Orange plaid
doily and plaid
Lace & Purple plaid
lace and blue plaid
Doily & Blue plaid

Polaroid pictures are a great to use as a photo frame. These are a digital version of a polaroid, the great thing about that is that it can go on any product!

polaroid on pink polkadot
polaroid & pink polkadot
polaroid and yellow polkadot
polaroid and yellow polkadot
polaroid and black polkadot
polaroid and black polkadot

To see more frames for your own photos check out: The Frame Shop

POD Designers Guild

In the coming months and years, the POD Designers Guild hopes to bring you an easy way to connect with a large number of print-on-demand artists.

Print-on-demand is the simple process whereby a company allows a designer to sell their work on a variety of products for profit.

In the past, if an artist wanted to sell their work on T-shirts, note cards, or whatever, they had to invest thousands of dollars in blank products, get them printed and store them until they sold. With print-on-demand, the designer only needs to open an account, upload their artwork, and choose which products to sell, after they design the look and feel of their online shop. All PODs work this way, but they are all different, too.

Each POD will have different criteria for different things. For example, some will want the design one size, another POD will want it slightly larger or smaller. Some PODs require that you manually size everything to fit each product, others have fancy-schmancy computer stuff to do it. Designers just follow the rules for the ones they use.

Because PODs have different products, it can, often, be difficult for a buyer to find the item they really want. The POD Designers Guild will endeavor to help you find the right POD for your particular need of the moment, as well as help you find the right design, and/or designer for a ready made or custom made artwork.

Example?  Your niece has a baby girl and you want something lovely  and unique. The largest selection of baby clothes is at Inkstatic.com, and again, in browsing our designers you find the perfect gift for your newst family member.

A few months later, your daughter’s birthday is just around the corner. She loves athletics and you’ve put together a few trinkets of memories and you’d love to have a box for them to give her. Few PODs carry those, but CafePress.com does and by browsing our artists you find the design and product that is just perfect.

And, lastly, from CafePress, you find this:

Many of our designers can and will create specific for you as well. Check all our members out!

The POD Designers Guild is brand new. As we grow in membership and following, we endeavor to help buyers find the right product for the right occasion, as well as the right design.