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Shamrocks for Anytime

Because St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, I thought it would be fun to look at some shamrock designs. These particular ones are all available at There are many more than what is shown here. For your best comparison, they are all shown on the same item, but all the designs are available on many products.

Our first design shows the Belgian Shamrock with a flag in each leaf. One for the USA, one for Ireland and one for Belgium. Tote all your heritages wherever you go!

To purchase this, click on the picture below.

Picture of green-handled tote bag from with the Belgian Shamrock.

Next, we show the French Shamrock, so you can tote your ancestries all over town. Fun to put all the necessities for your St. Patrick’s Day, Bastille Day and Independence Day needs.

Again, to purchase, click on the lovely picture below.

Picture of green-handled tote bag from with the French Shamrock.

Third, we share the green handled tote bag showing the Norwegian Shamrock, with flags of Norway, USA and Ireland in the leaves.

To purchase, click on the picture below.

Picture of green-handled tote bag from with the Norwegian Shamrock.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, we have, in the hopes of lasting peace, the United Kingdom Shamrock, with the flags of USA, UK and Ireland in its leaves.

To purchase, please click the picture below.
Picture of green-handled tote bag from with the United Kingdom Shamrock.

That’s all for now!

I love you

I love you, 3 wonderful sweet words that can make a day.

More often then not we assume that people we care about know that. That it will show in our actions. But saying those words out loud, hearing those words said to you they are a little gift themselves. It doesn’t matter if it comes from your partner, your kids, best friends or your talking dog. It’s wonderful to feel loved and to share the love.

Want to make sure that the person you love will never forget that? Give them a lovely gift so that they can be reminded of your love every day. Be even more fancy and say “I love you” in a foreign language!

I love you in Spanish
I love you – Spanish
I love you
I love you
I love you in Danish
I love you – Danish

Greeting cards with the words “I love you” written out in letter shaped balloons in various languages.

I love you in Swahili
I love you in Dutch

Wake up in the morning and get some love from your coffee mug!

Gifts and Stuff from Flagnation or Flags-of-Nations

Everyone has a need for a gift now and then. And, with the biggest gift-giving holiday of the year coming soon, I thought we might look at some fun stuff for that season.

First we take a stroll to a keepsake ornament with a heart shaped Romanian Flag reading, “I Love Romania”. fun for any time you need a special gift for a Romanian, Romanian American, Romanian Canadian or anyone of Romanian ancestry.

Picture of heart-shaped Christmas ornament reading I love Romania.

Moving along to the Bahamas, we find a nice, lovely round keepsake ornament with the Flag of the Bahamas and the name below, in the colors (colours if you speak British) of the flag.

Image of round Christmas ornament with Flag of Bahamas and the name, too.

Moving along we find a lovely snowflake shaped keepsake with a charming blonde angel all decked out in the Flag of Sweden or Swedish Flag.

Image of snowflake shaped Christmas ornament with blonde angel waering the Flag of Sweden.

Lastly, we have a round keepsake of Greece, featuring the flag with the name below. Charming way to share your love of your ancestry, heritage and culture anytime.

Image of round keepsake or Christmas ornament with the Greek Flag and the word Greece.


Hiawatha, I'm Home Custom Necklace
Hiawatha, I’m Home Custom Necklace by laughstuff
18″ sterling silver-plated chain (2″ extender) with lobster claw clasp. Necklace is finished with a UV resistant and waterproof coating to protect the design for years to come.

The necklace is sent in a black felt bag, perfect for a gift.

Image shows Mayflower landing at Plymouth rock with a Pilgrim in crow’s nest yelling “Hiawatha, I’m home.” to his new Native American or American Indian friends. Funny design to make you laugh and show your sense of humor (humour?).

Hiawatha, I'm Home Case For The iPad
Hiawatha, I'm Home Case For The iPad by
Ultra-tailored Speck Products® brand iPad. Combines luxury with uncompromised protection, this sleek hard plastic case is covered with an easy-to-grip fabric that is richly printed with your favorite design. The first of its kind to be offered anywhere, this lightweight and durable custom case allows optimal access to all sensors, ports, and controls on your iPad, while offering superior comfort in-hand. Just like the necklace above, design features the Mayflower landing at Plymouth rock. Pilgrim in crow’s nest says “Hiawatha, I’m home.” to his new Native American or American Indian friends.

Stuffed Animals on INKtastic from Flagnation

Today, just because I feel like it, and because I like the cuteness of the stuffed animals, we will look at a few items from my shop at And, because I just finished the Scandinavian flag angels, we will look at those designs on the lovely, cuddly, stuffed animals. Just because I feel like it!

Faroe Islands Angel Black Hair Blue Value Plush Teddy Bear
Image of a teddy bear with the Faroe Islands angel flag.

Fun design features an angel with black hair, dressed in the Flag of the Faroe Islands on a lovely teddy bear. Wonderful for snuggling and making someone feel protected and special.

Norwegian Flag Angel Black Hair Winter Teddy Bear with red scarf
Picture of winter teddy bear with a black haired Norwegian flag angel on his shirt.

Charming image for Christmas or anytime shows an angel with black hair, dressed in the Flag of Norway or Norwegian flag. Great for little ones who need something soft to make them feel secure.

Swedish Flag Angel Blonde Hair Blue My First Teddy Gund
Picture of blue Gund teddy bear wearing a tee with a blonde haired angel dressed in the Swedish flag.
Charming blonde haired angel watches over you, all dressed in the Flag of Sweden or Swedish Flag. Fun way to share your pride and love in your culture, heritage and culture. From GUND My First Teddy, features a plush, polyester blend. size of teddy: 18in H x 11in W x 11in L. Includes blue satin ribbon around neck and blue embroidery on foot pad that reads My First Teddy.

That’s it for today! HAPPY CUDDLING!

Oxi Day

Oxi Day, spelled “Ohi” or “Ochi”, and pronounced “oy-hee”, means “no” in Greek. It celebrates October 28, 1940 when the Greek Prime Minister, Ioannis Metaxas, said “NO!!!” to Benito Mussolini’s ultimatum that Greece allow Axis forces to occupy specific Greek territory. This marks the beginning of World War II for the Greek people, who really were a bit upset about the thought of being invaded.

So, every year, on October 28, Greeks everywhere celebrate. My own grandfather, who came to the USA in 1912 and was long an American citizen in 1940, always celebrated Oxi Day with his friends. Think of it as Cinco de Mayo for the Greeks, but with baklava instead of chirros.

Most of my flag design shops have an extensive section with Greek designs. Here are links to them:

And here is a sample of one design from each shop:

From Flagnation at Printfection

Aluminum water bottle with the Greek Flag and the name

From Flagnation at Skreened

Light blue tee with picture of Greek Flag angel with brown hair on front and back of tee.

From Flagnation at Zazzle

Picture of blue trucker hat with images including flags of USA and Greece. Reads,

From Flagnation at INKtastic

Picture of blue hooded swaetshirt with a waving Greek flag and wavy lettering reads,

From AmeriWear’s Flags-of-Nations at CafePress
Dark blue apron with Flag of Greece adn the word

And remember, only 30 more shopping days until Oxi Day!

Something Fun At CafePress

One of my favorite things on CafePress is  the designs from Fan Portals. These are sections of designs submitted by artists that meet specific rules and criteria to be sold in the official Fan Portals of TV shows, Movies, and other famous brands. (There is also a mix of official Famous Brands items that are not designed by fans on CafePress too.)

If you have a TV junkie at home, or you are a movie buff that loves to share fun quotes from movies and T-shirts and other items, then it will be worth your while to check this out.

To see all that is available, you can visit here: Hot Enterntainment Brands At CafePress

I want to share with you a couple of my products that I have available now in the CafePress Fan Portals directly from my shop.

Here is a T-shirt from my Dark Shadows designs. I have several different style designs in my shop. I mixed the old fashioned text with a modern abstract design.

One of the funniest Christmas movies ever, is A Christmas Story.

The leg lamp is just one of the best things ever!

My brand new releases are ready for your holiday shopping.

I hope you take a little time to browse through my shop.

Thank you and happy shopping!

The Biggest Fan Shop, a new shop growing with great entertainment based designs for gifts or yourself.

Yes, I’m Italian. What the heck is ‘calm’?

Funny design shows Flag of Italy or Italian Flag and reads, “Yes, I’m Italian. What the heck is ‘calm’?”

Available from several print-on-demand places, here is one design available at and it look like this:

Moving to CafePress and the shop located at, we find the same image in white lettering on a fun dark blue b-b-q apron.

Moving along to, and the shop located at, we find a bright green safety shirt with the “Italian Calm” image.

Saftey Shirt with Italian Calm image in Grey letters

Next we have a red toddler tee with the same design. Of course your Italian toddler is uncalm! What ELSE would he or she be! Visit the entire shop at Lovely and fun design seen here below on image of the toddler tee itself. Click on it to see all the information.

Image of red Toddler tee with 'Italian Calm' design.

That’s all for now folks. Just another design from Flagnation or Flags-of-nations, specializing in designs with an ethic theme, using flags of various countries, sometimes with humor (humour of you speak British), but always intended to be respectful.

Austrian Stuff!

Austria is the country of the waltz and the Danube River, amoung other things. And today we will visit several designs in at several PODs used in my “flagnation” shops.

The first is found at

This humorous design is intended for Americans of Austrian ancestry and reads, “Assembled in the USA using Austrian parts”. It shows the flags of both the United States and Austria. Great fun for any patriotic holiday, both in America and Austria.

The second features a futball or soccer ball in the shape of the Austrian Flag, and has the word “AUSTRIA” above in German, to read,”OSTERREICH”. This is available at

Our third Austrian Flag design reads, “I left my heart in Austria” and would be perfect for a traveler, a cultural devotee, or a person of Austrian ancestry. Here is shows on a long-sleeved raglan for ladies from

Our last image is a simple Austrian flag with the word “AUSTRIA” below in the colors of the flag. A fun design for any traveler, descendant or cultural devotee. It is available at

That’s all for now, folks!